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Manufactured exclusively by DThree Technology, SFI-LGBD is a proprietary solvent used to dilute MEA, DEA, MDEA or DGA before the amine is added to the circulation system of an amine acid gas treatment plant.

SFI-LGBD Benefits

SFI-LGBD creates a stable amine circulation system for DEA 30 wt%, MEA 20 wt% or MDEA 50 wt%. In addition to industry standard amine percents, SFI-LGBD is demonstrating MEA 40 wt% at 35 psi is a stable amine with minimal corrosion. It is also demonstrating DEA 55 wt% at 700 psi is a stable amine with no foaming or hydrocarbon saturation (no methane loss). SFI-LGBD helps an amine plant to operate effectively and efficiently, resulting in cost reductions and benefits including:

  • No more foaming
  • No heat stable salts creation
  • No amine degradation loss
  • No hydrocarbon saturation of amine
  • Minimal or no equipment corrosion
  • Minimal or no oxidation

Add SFI-LGBD to Existing Plants

SFI-LGBD may be added directly to the circulation system of an existing acid gas treatment plant. The easiest way to add SFI-LGBD is to use it as make-up water. It is recommended that SFI-LGBD make up 50% of an amine plant’s circulation system. Once SFI-LGBD has been added to the system, the plant would resume using DI or RO water as make-up. SFI-LGBD is added to the circulation system once a year.

Building Amine Plants with SFI-LGBD

Superior Fabrication, Inc., an experienced and innovative oil and gas equipment manufacturer is using SFI-LGBD to build new amine plants with a smaller footprint, making them more affordable, as well as cost effective and efficient. Based in Elk City, Oklahoma, Superior Fabrication is able to help companies with their existing amine plants, as well as design and fabricate new ones.

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Small Amine Plant
Los Angeles, California
October 16, 2007 – November 5, 2007

220 Gallons DTM Added to 500 Gallon Circulation System Using 23% DEA

% Change
Total Gas Processed SCFG/D
Sales Gas SCFG/D
Gas Increase - Sales Gas Increase

Three oil wells were producing approximately 252,200 SCFGD with 12% CO2. The amine plant was meeting pipeline specification without any problems. When they brought a 4th oil well online with its 56,000 SCFGD, the amine plant was unable to get below 6% CO2. Adding 220 gallons of DTM to the 500 gallon circulation system enabled it to remove 10.5% CO2 from the 308,250 SCFGD gas flow allowing the oil company to meet pipeline specification at 1.5% CO2. Calculating pound moles of CO2 removed on 308,250 SCFGD at 6% CO2 versus 10.5% CO2 is 48 lb/moles versus 84 lb/moles.

CO2 Removal results: 1.75 lb/moles CO2 using DTM-DEA amine to 1.0 lb/moles CO2 using DEA amine without DTM.